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Model for Panorama Towers

Marquis Condominium

Set Design - Pitbull

Our mission

Our Mission is to Design Spaces and Products that Create Memories and Transform Lives


Design Studio

Our Design Studio specializes in Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality Interiors, Vacation packages, and Organizing services.

We also provide Staging and Model Merchandising for our Real Estate professionals. How can we help?

Hospitality Studio

Holguin Corporation designs lobbies, public spaces, boutique hotels and offices as part of our Commercial and Hospitality Division.

We also partner with Elora Industries to procure all F,F & E by container for condominium and hotel owners. How can we help?

Hospitality Studio

Construction Management

Our Construction Project Management division coordinates and supervises residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

We specifically manage aspects of the project such as scope, safety, quality control, scheduling, delivery/installation, and budget. How can we help?

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